8-Track Mind

8-Track Mind Magazine has yet another sporadic issue on the event horizon! Issue #104 has the theme “The Commodification Of Nostalgia,” but don’t let that scare you off. The usual inspired collection of rants, short Zen-inspired skits, recollections, and ideas for new uses to be applied to old technology are in fine form, with contributors including founding “Minds” Brendan DeVallance, Liam Hayes and F.R. “Russ” Forster and important past contributors Dan Sutherland, Lucien Williams, and Malcolm Riviera adding just the right touch of nostalgia without descending into mythology. After May 4th, 2019, $5 in well-concealed cash to:
R Forster / P.O. Box 590969 / San Francisco / CA / 94159 will nab you a copy!


Liam Hayes